What We Believe

Community Church of HendersonOUR VISION:

The Vision is to be a culturally relevant church with a Great Commission, which empowers people to communicate Christ through significant relationships with God, other believers and non-believers.

We will be a place where people are loved, where they will experience a sense of belonging by being encouraged to risk being happy and blessed through an open mindedness to the will of God in worship.

The dream is to raise up a community church that reaches out to an un-churched Community.



To be a community following Christ by demonstrating love, exercising faith, presenting hope because people are important to God and to us. James 1:22

To be a community of joy because Christ forgives our sins. Isaiah 51:11, Matthew 26:28

To Be a community that believes and practices all that is taught in the Bibe, the inspired word of God. 2 Timothy 3:16:17

To Be a community led by those who have heard Gods call on their lives and have responded by becoming servants to His purpose the spread His word and shepherd the church. Acts 2:42-43

We want to be Gods people for Christian service. Ephesians 4:12

To be a community demonstrating that people matter to God and to us; Therefore, we will welcome everyone into our fellowship that we might praise and worship together as we grow into His Community. Luke 5:33-39 

To be a community of Grace that teaches Christian values directed at building strong families committed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Understanding that His grace will lead us into discipleship and a powerful witness for Christ through a Christ-centered life style. Ephesians 4:11-16 

To be a community that accepts Gods excellence in creation, and our responsibility to oversee that creation by the giving of our time, our talents, our gifts and ourselves. We will strive to provide the quality He demonstrated when He declared… it is good. We want each person to use the spiritual gifts given to him or her by God without compromising Biblical truth. Romans 8:32, Colossians 3:23 

To be a community committed to prayer, believing God desires His people to pray and that He hears and answers prayer. Therefore, the ministry of this church will be characterized by a reliance on prayer in its conception, planning, and execution. Matthew 7:7-11, James 5:13-18



Our mission is to be used by God in helping people develop into fully functioning followers of Christ.  Fully functioning followers have three characteristics (the 3 C’s):

  1. Conversion to Christ (they know Christ as Savior).
  2. Commitment to Christ (they are committed to grow in Christ).
  3. Contribution to Christ (they serve the body, share their finances, and seek the lost).



The strategic goals (to realize our mission):

  1. To see people converted to Christ (interest in becoming a disciple).
  2. To bring people to a commitment to Christ (to become a committed disciple).
  3. To equip people to make a contribution to Christ (to become a contributing disciple).