September 2016

Labor DayDear Members and Friends;

The Parable of Swimming or Wading

“What are you doing hitting your sister?” said the mother.

“She slapped me first,” said Dick.

“Well, he splashed water on me by diving into the pool right where I am sitting. I just want to dangle my feet in the water.”

“Sally,” said the mother, “don’t be offended so easily. Either get your swimsuit on and get in the water or get away from the pool.”

Some people feel about the church and the Christian life like Sally felt about the water.  They just want to dangle their feet.

Anyone who is in the water swimming, takes little notice of others swimming, takes little notice of the waves that are caused by dangling feet, because they are busy in the happiness of swimming.  But those who are only wading, are not only splashed by the swimmer, they are also annoyed by waves created by other danglers.

It is so in the Christian River of Life.  People are busily engaged in the work, using their full strength to swim, are undisturbed by little things.  Their whole life is being uplifted by the water and the efforts they are making in it.

People who merely wade in the stream, never really know the power of the flowing River of Life, but rather sit in judgment and annoyance by the dabbling that is done by half-hearted Christians.

If you want to learn to swim as Christians, get into the water and give your whole self to Christ’s cause.  Are you swimming or wading?

In Christ,