January 2017

Dear Members and Friends;

I read this poem recently and wanted to share it with you
Another Year by Avis Christiansen


Another year is dawning – A path unknown, untried.
‘Twould fill me with foreboding; Had I no hand to guide;
But He who walked beside me; All through the yesteryear,
Whatever may betide me; Has promised to be near.

Another year with Jesus! Ah, then, no dread I know,
His love is ever precious; Howe’er the winds may blow.
E’en when the storm is fiercest; In Him my soul may rest,
And find sweet peace and comfort; Upon His loving breast.

Another year to trust Him – Yes, I can trust Him still,
Who never yet has failed me; As I have sought His will.
His rod and staff He giveth; To be my strength and stay,
And tenderly He leadeth; Along the homeward way.

Another year to serve Him; To labor for Him here,
E’en while the shadows lengthen; And night is drawing near.
I know not when He’ll call me; To lay my sickle by –
Oh, may I then be faithful; While now the moments fly!

Another year to love Him; Whom I have loved so long;
Another year to praise him; In glad triumphant song.
Whate’er the future holdeth; Of sorrow, toil or pain
His precious Love endureth; Forevermore the same.


Happy New Year,