May 2016


CrossDear Members and Friends;

As spring comes to a close, a number of things occur.  Schools will be out soon, people will be planning their vacations and every-one anticipates some leisurely time with family and friends.  Here at the church, we are preparing for our summer schedule.  There will be the Fire Works Booth, special Youth Group trips and the Men’s Group and Youth will again go to the NAOMI House.  We also look forward to Vacation Bible School in August. 

Mother’s Day is always a special day for most folk because without mothers we wouldn’t be here.  For me, I look back on the sacrifices my mother made to make sure that my brother and I got an education as well as instilling in us the values that have served us well over the years.  She once told me that the strength of one’s character is the only thing that lasts. 

To ensure that the character that we developed would endure, she made sure that we were involved in church at every opportunity.  I remember she read the Bible to us every day after supper.  At the time, it felt like she was just interrupting our play time with our friends but I now realize she was laying the foundation that will build lasting character following the examples in Scripture. 

I look forward to this summer and the events that we will participate in here at Community Church. 

May this summer be a blessing to all of you.

In Christ, Merrill