December 2016

jesusDear Members and Friends; 

Christmas has many different meanings to various people.  For some, unfortunately, it’s a secular holiday highlighted by getting gifts.  For others, it’s a time of giving.  There is no other season so special.  In fact, that first Christmas, God gave the gift of a child.  If you remember in the movie, “The Christmas Box,” the widow asks what was the first gift of Christmas.  It was a time of love symbolized by the Gift of the Child.  But I think the most important thing for us to remember at Christmas, is that Christmas is a time for doing and being all that God has created us to do and be. 

My prayer for you this Christmas is that you take time to allow the Light of Christ to touch your lives.  And that you will understand the promise that God kept to His people, when He sent His Son to that stable bed so long ago.  I want you to take time with your family, your church family and your friends to share the peace, the faith and the joy that symbolizes the Christmas season.  May your celebration be focused around the time that Christmas was born in your life through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. jesus-is-the-reason


Merry Christmas,